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The main event of the evening was presented by Moroni Mejia, AMCA apprenticeship program instructor. Moroni shared qualities about each graduate.

As the graduates received their certificate and exited the stage, they shook hands with their instructor, Joaquin Reyes, their program sponsor, and other AMCA representatives. The ceremony was followed by dancing and a raffle.

The AMCA wishes to congratulate the graduating class of 2009 and each of their sponsors. It has been an honor and a privilege to educate and train these gentlemen over the past three years.

Graduate Photos and Instructor Comments

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Armando Arrieta – Pioneer Masonry, Inc.
Armando is one person that has surpassed all the expectations both in theory class and in lab.  He has been a great classmate and student to his instructors during his three years.


Candido Barraza – G & G Enterprises
Candido learned to work very well with the block.  Throughout his three years, he has honed his skills to become a skilled mason.  Candido is also very respectful of his classmates and has a lot of potential to go far in this industry.


Carlos Raymundo – Sunnyside Masonry
Carlos was always attentive in class.  He has interest in becoming a great foreman where he can utilize his superior masonry skills.


Efren Reyes – Carlson Masonry, Inc.
Efren started very slowly in the masonry industry but in the end put all his heart and desire in, and demonstrated that he really does have a passion for this industry.  Because of this, he has succeeded.


Fernando Lopez-Medina – Sutter Masonry
Fernando also started out slowly.   But after encouragement and guidance from all the instructors, Fernando found his passion and has become a skilled mason.


Gildardo Leyva, Jr. – Sutter Masonry
Gildardo had excellent performance in class and lab.  He has molded his skills over the three years and turned into a skilled craftsman.  Gildardo has been an exceptional companion to all his classmates.


Hernan Ruiz – Sutter Masonry, Inc.
Hernan has truly impressed the instructors.  He finished the apprenticeship program in only two years.  He has immense ability and works very clean. Hernan was a top-notch student.


Hector Ontiveros – Canyon State Masonry, Inc.
Like some of his classmates, Hector started off a little slow.  But with guidance and a little pressure from the instructors, his work greatly improved allowing him to become an excellent mason.


Jose Guadalupe Rodriguez – Fyffe Masonry & Plastering, Inc.
Jose was always cooperative in class, willing to take instruction and guidance.  By listening to his instructors, he developed into a qualified mason.  Jose was always kind to his fellow classmates and will have a bright future.


Julio (Cesar) Urquidy – Rhino Masonry
Cesar has not only been taught by Joaquin but also had the chance to work with him for several years.  He is a hard worker, responsible, and has many masonry talents.


Mario Estrada – Rhino Masonry
Mario is another person whom Joaquin was fortunate enough to work with.  He too is hard working, responsible and lays block extremely well.  Anyone who will have the pleasure to work with Mario in the future is fortunate.


Miguel Garcia – G & G Enterprises
Miguel showed that it does not matter what the problem is, you can persevere through it with diligence and hard work.  He has truly succeeded in this program.


Nicolas Castro – Pioneer Masonry, Inc.
Nicolas was an exceptional student.  He has done well in competitions and has a bright future in this industry.


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Octavio Soto – Rhino Masonry
Octavio is a hard worker who takes time to do a job but does it well.  And, after three years his speed and skill have improved a lot.  He truly has excelled as a mason.