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2012 Master Mason
Al Roberts, 2012 Master Mason
Al Roberts

The AMCA Master Mason Award is a recognition given by the Arizona Masonry Contractors Association to masonry industry contractors or foremen.  The recipient is a man or a woman whose company is a current member of the AMCA and who has worked in the trade for at least three years.

Candidates are selected for this award based on the following performance areas:

1. Quality of Work
2. Leadership Skills
3. Problem Solving Skills
4. Time Management Abilities
5. Safety Management

The nominating party may submit the nomination online using the submittal form below. Nominations and Nomination Letter to be submitted by Jan. 15, 2014. The chosen nominee will be required to attend the Annual Meeting on February 22, 2014 to receive the award. The winner will not be revealed to anyone outside of the judging committee until the award is presented. If we do not receive at least 3 candidates with a completed "Nomination Letter" for the Master Mason - this award may not be given.

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